Say You Want Me(17)

by Corinne Michaels

“I think I’ve met Charlotte. She and Wyatt were . . . close.”

Mrs. Hennington doesn’t miss a thing. Her eyes hone in, and she purses her lips. “I’m sorry about that, darlin’.” She shifts a little. “The thing is that all my boys have their appeal, I guess. Zach was the star baseball player, but everyone knew his heart was Presley’s. Trent,” Macie rolls her eyes, “he’s a mess that boy. He had the girls hangin’ around, but he was more worried about his friends. Then when he took the role of Sherriff, I lost that battle. But Wyatt? He’s always been something special.” Her smile is huge as she says it.


She nods. “Wyatt has a very different way of thinkin’. He’s kind, loyal, and always puts the needs of others first. I know the stories, believe me, I’m not blind. He might have been sowing his oats, but deep down he was searchin’ for someone. All those girls had dreams they were it. Charlotte’s no different. She wanted him to look at her, but when you’re actin’ like a hussy, a man won’t respect you. Those women want what you have, and they’ll try to hurt you, Angie. Don’t let them. Wyatt’s the kind of man that once you earn his love, you’ll have it forever. He’ll never betray you or desert you. It’s very special to have someone come into your life like that.”

I listen to her speak of him with such adoration. The pride that exudes from each syllable is both unmistakable and familiar. It reminds me of the way Presley talks about him. She speaks about his loyalty and how he’d hurt himself for someone else. How he gave up his own happiness for her. How the only time he ever did something selfish was when Zach took over the Hennington Horse Farm and he left.

Zach was dating this awful twat, Felicia, and she made Wyatt’s life hell. Her constant undermining and games were too much for him. He gave Zach the chance to get rid of her, but he didn’t. So, Wyatt went to work for Presley’s family.

“Wyatt is a good man, Mrs. Hennington. I can see that, and I’m glad that if this had to happen with anyone . . . it’s him. The baby is lucky.”

I truly mean that. If Wyatt Hennington is half the man they all say he is, our child is going to have one hell of a dad.

Her eyes soften a little more. “You are, too, Angie. I can see already how much he cares for you. Now, tell me about some of the flavors you make up there in the North.”

My head spins, and the seed of hope starts to take root. Now we have to see if it grows.

“Hey, Big City.” He comes in the door with a grin.

“I’m going to come up with a nickname for you.”

Something he hates. Maybe Tiny Wanker or something to question his manhood. I know for damn sure he isn’t lacking there, but I have to find something super annoying.

“Can’t wait to hear it, honey,” he says as he slaps my ass.

He’s been great about my rules. He doesn’t even attempt anything at night, which I was most worried about.

However, each night is growing increasingly harder for me. He now sleeps shirtless for one. It’s not only his bare skin that is getting to me, it’s also his scent. I close my eyes, and his cologne mixed with the clean smell that’s Wyatt overwhelms me. I can remember the way his sweat tasted as I kissed his body the last time when we had sex. I can feel the way his hands roughly touched each inch of my skin. Every time I lie next to him, it takes every ounce of my strength not to maul him. Plus, we wake up the same way each morning—tangled limbs and a very hard erection against me.

I’m going to crack.

And very soon.

“You have a good day?” he asks as he places a soft kiss on my temple. I love that he does that. It’s as if he’s been doing it forever. Weird that in such a short time we’ve become so comfortable around each other.

When I look at him, I don’t see the guy who knocked me up. I see a man who I could like. I see a man that I want to like me, and I want him to know me the way no one else has cared to do before. I worry that he could hurt me, which is always possible. Wyatt wouldn’t be a man I could come back from. I can see in his eyes the way he’ll own my heart and soul. If I give them to him, they will be his forever. His mother confirmed that today.

Wyatt crouches in front of me and places his hands on my belly. I don’t have a bump. If you didn’t know that I was pregnant you wouldn’t be able to tell. But we know, and each night Wyatt lets me know that he’s thinking of the baby in some small way. Sometimes it’s a simple touch, other times it’s a glance. Then, the other night, he rolled over and his palm rested there. He was sleeping and probably didn’t know he did it, but I do. I laid there, unable to move, feeling every emotion possible. It wasn’t as if he hasn’t done it before, but this time it was an unconscious, protective gesture. It was as if it was the most natural thing to do. To make sure that me and the baby were safe.

Eventually, I draped my hand over his and fell asleep.

“Baby?” he asks again, and I realize he’s calling me that, not the actual baby.

I shake my head. “Oh, I did. I had an eventful day.”

A slow grin forms across his lips. “Yeah? I can’t wait to hear it. I’m going to hop in the shower. Come in and talk if you want.” He wiggles his brows, and I laugh.


“Hedging my bets.”

Wyatt turns and heads into the bathroom. I listen as the shower turns on and wait a minute. The truth is, I want to talk to him. I enjoy when he comes home and we have a little time to go over his day, because really, my day is boring.

“Wyatt?” I ask from outside the door.

“Come in!”

This is a bad idea. “You better be in the shower,” I say as I open the door. Thankfully, or maybe not, he’s in, and I walk to the other side of the bathroom so I don’t see through the glass. “Your mom came by today.”

He opens the door and leans out. I quickly turn my head. “Did she?”


“What did Mama have to say?”

I bet he’s worried. I decide to be a little playful. “She told me all about you. All the things to watch for.”

The sounds of the water splashing do nothing to calm my imagination. He’s in there. Naked. And I’m out here, because I’m stupid. No, not stupid. I’m cautious and being smart.