Say You Want Me(13)

by Corinne Michaels

Smooth. Real smooth.

Last time I was here, I ended up going back to his house and . . . well . . . got quite the souvenir.

I look around as we wait for the bartender to return with our order. The dance floor is packed. Some people are spinning around the outside, and others are line dancing in the middle. Lots of girls stand off to the sides, watching and waiting for a guy to walk past. I laugh as they all get a little straighter and puff their already visible cleavage to be more prominent. I wonder how many of these girls have slept with Wyatt.

After what Presley said, I would guess all of them.

He’s known for being a bit of a slut, which never bothered me before. I’m clearly no angel, but I can’t deny the touch of jealousy I have now. It’s insane, but again, I blame the hormones. I also make a note to change the sheets on his bed and possibly burn the mattress. I can only imagine the shit that’s gone down in that house. Hell, I know what we did, and if it’s that times some unknown quantity . . .

Eww. Gross.

“You okay?” he asks while wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

“Yup. Just looking around.”

His eyes travel my sightline, and he stiffens. It’s subtle, but I notice it. “I know you’ve heard a lot of shit.”

“You don’t need—”

“I do. I’m going to say this one time.” He glances at them and then back to me. “I’ll never bullshit you. If you ask me, I’ll tell you anything you want to know. I’ll tell you this: no one has ever stayed the night in my bed. I’ve never even brought one of them back to my house. You’re the only woman who I’ve had in my bed. Ever.”

My eyes go wide at his admission. I’m stunned. He owes me nothing, but he gave me more in that one admission than he probably realizes. He confirmed what I was worried about but soothed it away in the same breath. He also confused me a bit more. Why me? Why has he never brought a girl to his bed? Why the hell me?

“Angie!” Presley yells, stopping me from asking any one of the questions tumbling through my mind. “You’re here!”

“I am.” I try to smile but fail. I’m still in shock as Wyatt continues to stare at me.

“Stop looking like that.” She chides and pulls me in for a hug. “Your face will freeze.”

I’m sure she thinks my lack of enthusiasm is because I’m here, but it’s because his words are still penetrating. I tear my gaze away from him and try to process. Does that mean there was more that time than just sex? That’s crazy because he doesn’t know me. We’ve only spent a small amount of time together, and most of it was spent screwing.

Could there be something?

I glance back at Wyatt as he heads to the other end of the bar where Zach stands. “Sorry, I’m just . . .”

“Settling?” Pres fills in for me.

“You could say that. I’m definitely not in Philly anymore.”

Presley’s face says she understands it all too well. “I wish I could say something other than I’m sorry. I know you miss home.”

Grace, her best friend from grade school, comes over and hugs me. “We’ll grow on you, honey. Plus, we all love babies.”

That snaps me out of it. “Does everyone know?” I gasp, raking my eyes around the bar, catching several people trying to be inconspicuous as they watch me.

Presley’s lips form a thin line, and she shrugs, letting me know the answer is yes. “There are no secrets in a small town.”

Great. Now, I’m not only the new girl, but I’m the new girl that Wyatt knocked up. So much for laying low for the next few months.

Grace takes my hand. “Don’t worry about anyone here, honey. They’re all jealous. The Hennington boys are all coveted.”

“They have the egos to show for it, too.” Presley jokes.

“Well, both of you fell for their charms.” I cross my arms and wait for them to deny it. Presley is marrying one, and it’s no secret that Grace has been in love with Trent Hennington since she was a kid.

“I’m not denying anything, but you’re one to talk there, prego.” Presley smirks.

Grace’s mood seems to drop a little. Now I feel awful. Trent and Grace dated for a while, but he’s an ass. Trent won’t commit to her, so he strings her along and then breaks things off once he’s had his fill. Presley has done her best to get Grace to let him go, but her heart is always with him.

I feel for her, though. Having to see him daily and knowing that he’ll always be around. She told me about how she wants to get over him, but she doesn’t know how.

“I’m sorry.” I touch her arm. “I clearly allowed Wyatt to invade me.”

She laughs. “Oh, he invaded you all right. Repeatedly.”

“Yup, and I was the winner of door prize number two.”

We all giggle until I feel someone’s hand on the small of my back. “Ladies.” Wyatt tips his head. “I know you want to catch up, but my date and I need to dance.”

“Oh, don’t let us keep you.” Pres grins and looks back at the corner table where Zach is sitting by himself. “Your brother looks like he’s bored. I better head over there.”

He comes around and pulls me up. “Let’s dance.”


Wyatt pulls me to the floor, keeping his hand on my back until we’re in the middle of the dance floor.

It’s no surprise he can dance. Guys do not do what he does in bed if they don’t have rhythm. He guides me around with ease. Considering I have no earthly idea how to dance like this, it’s amazing what a good leader he is. My feet follow his, almost as if there is no other choice. His smile is permanent, as is mine.

The music changes, but he adjusts to the new beat with no effort. I’m having so much fun. Who knew that I would enjoy this? Wyatt twirls me a little more than he did in the beginning, so I must be catching on.

When the song morphs into a slow one, someone taps my shoulder. “Mind if I cut in?” I turn to see a blonde with way too much eye makeup on. Her clothes are skin tight, and her tits might as well be completely out. I don’t even think she has a bra on. She looks at me with disdain in her eyes. “Haven’t had a dance yet, Wyatt.”

“Sure.” I start to step back, but Wyatt tugs me closer.

His eyes stay glued on mine. “No thanks, Charlotte.”