Say You Want Me(12)

by Corinne Michaels

The bite of my nails pressing into my palm stings. I stand without looking in his direction, and walk out of the room, slamming the door on my way. The bastard chuckles.

This is going to be a long three months.

I head into the living room and plop on the couch. I grab the book I brought with me and start reading this book of horrors about pregnancy. No one talks about this crap. They don’t talk about the joys of hemorrhoids and leaking bladders. They talk about the baby and how it felt when it kicked. I’m pretty sure Presley left out her nipples turning colors. Each chapter brings a new horrifying reality of what my body is going to go through.

Why the hell do girls have to go through this shit? Fucking Eve and her inability to stay away from that fruit. I blame her. I blame my sister-in-law for not sharing all this crap. I would’ve had my uterus removed if I had known I was going to have leakage.

Wyatt exits the bedroom, already dressed in his typical jeans and T-shirt attire, and I slam the book shut and sit stunned.

That really happens to some women while they’re in labor?

“What is that?” he asks looking at me with concern.

“This?” I hold the book up. “This is a fucking horror novel. Only it’s not fiction. Nooo, this is reality.” I toss it on the floor.

He bends to grab it, reads the title, and chuckles. “You have your own pregnancy guide in Presley. You don’t need to read this.”

I rise to my feet so we’re toe to toe. “You did this!” I point my finger at his chest.

“I’m pretty sure you were an active participant.”

So not the point.

“I’m going to get hemorrhoids! And droopy boobs!” His eyes travel to my chest and stop there. “Eyes up here, dipshit.”

“You said boobs.” Wyatt shrugs.

I groan, and Wyatt grabs my hips, pulling me close. My breath hitches as our bodies touch. “Stop freaking out. You’re beautiful, and you still will be after you have the baby.”

I fight the urge to cry. My hands rest on his arms as my head drops to his chest. “It’s so freaking much.”

“It is,” Wyatt acknowledges. “But relax a little, Angel. You’re not going to care about droopy boobs and whatever else when you’re holdin’ our baby.”

My heart flutters a little when he says that. I remember how I felt when I held Cayden and Logan, and they weren’t even mine. I can only imagine the way I’ll feel when I hold my own baby. “Maybe.”

He smirks and runs his hand up my back, holding me more securely to him. “You’ll see. I’m rarely wrong.”

I snort while shaking my head. “You’re nuts.”

“Maybe, but I have an idea . . . let’s grab some food and go out for a bit. It’s your first night in Bell Buckle and our first date.”

I shake my head and let out a sigh. “A date?”

“Yeah.” He pushes me back a little and gives me a smile that makes me want to set my panties on fire. “I’m takin’ you out on a date. So, go get yourself ready.”

This is the deal. I’m here so we can date and get to know each other. I have to be smart, though. I’m not staying here more than three months, so there’s no point in letting my heart get tangled up with his.

I have to guard myself. Because Wyatt is funny, sexy, smart, and it would be easy to fall for him. It was effortless when I allowed myself to sleep with him the first time. Then it was damn near impossible to stay away after that. The truth is . . . I like him. He’s a good guy.

Which is a bad thing for me.

I peek at him from beneath my lashes. “You don’t have to take me on a date.”

Wyatt’s finger lifts my chin as he studies my face. “I do. But more than that, I want to.”

“Oh,” I say as my eyes drift to his lips.

“Angie,” he says softly.


“What is the rule for kissing?”

I’m not sure what he’s asking. Something about rules and lips touching, but when his hands are on me, I go stupid. “Kissing is good.”

He doesn’t say another word. His lips press against mine and my brain shuts down. My fingers grip his shirt, holding him to me as his arms enclose around me. Kissing him is a full-body experience. I feel it all the way from my head to my toes. All I want to do is kiss him forever. His tongue glides against mine, and I moan. This is an otherworldly type of kiss. The kind that little girls dream of that makes everything else disappear.

It’s everything I remember.

Our tongues move in harmony, and his hands hold me exactly where he wants me. I don’t care, though. I wouldn’t think of moving away from him when his mouth is on mine. His lips are firm and his tongue demands access to every inch of my mouth. I lose all track of time as he kisses me as if I’m his reason for living. He’s in complete control of me right now, and that’s not a good thing, but I can’t find the wherewithal to stop him.

All too soon, he pulls back. “Kissing is very good. Kissing you is fucking unreal.”

I’m a fool. My rules are a joke. Kissing is going to lead very quickly to something else. I have to put a stop to it even though I want to do nothing but kiss him.

“Yeah.” I retreat a few steps and try to catch my breath. “Kissing is now one of my rules. No more kissing. Kissing is off limits.” I have to punctuate this so he knows I’m serious.

Wyatt’s eyes blaze as he stares at me. He steps toward me with purpose. “You think so?” His body moves closer, his voice turns deep, and sultry, and his eyes become soft. “You’ll be in my bed every night. You think you can keep your hands and lips to yourself?”


He grins and nods. “If you say so. I love a challenge.”

I lean in close to his ear. “I can control myself.”

Wyatt lets out a low sound from his chest as he grips my shoulders. I lean back and see the desire in his eyes, but I see the restraint as well. “We’ll see about that.” He releases me and taps my nose.

“I’LL HAVE A JACK AND Coke, and she’ll have . . .” Wyatt trails off.

“A Sprite.”

The bartender nods, and we grab seats at the bar. For our first date, he took my pregnant ass to the bar. Because that’s completely romantic, and why not rub it in my face a little more that I can’t drink?